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Web Based Courses

All web-based courses offered by the IRC feature 1 or 2 instructors providing live audio feed over phone lines while participants view slides, documents, images and animations over their internet connection. Participants can interact with the instructors both on-line and by telephone during the course or can contact the instructors after the session has ended. Most courses are taught in 2 to 4 hour segments over several days. This allows participants stay productive within their plants since there is no off-site travel.

These courses are intended to build employee's and operator's understanding of refrigeration theory and fundamentals. Our experience has shown that employees and operators with this sounds knowledge make better decisions in their plants-particularly during upset conditions. This foundation of knowledge also makes employees better equipped to receive plant-specific procedure training as required by PSM. Currently developed courses and their brochures are listed below.

Course Brochure
Ammonia Awareness Training for Employees
Overview of Ammonia Refrigeration Systems
Introduction to Refrigeration Systems for Operators
Intermediate Refrigeration Systems for Operators
Advanced Refrigeration Systems for Operators
Engineering Safety Relief Systems

Course Date Offered
Introduction to Ammonia Feb 8-15 2019 8-10AM Central Time
Intermediate Ammonia June 3-14 2019 8-10AM Central Time
Introduction to Ammonia October 18-25 2019 3-5PM Central Time
Advanced Ammonia November 8-15 2019 8-10AM Central Time

These courses can be tailored to match your company's training need. Other course topics can also be developed if these do not meet your needs. Potential audiences for these courses include:

  • Ammonia refrigeration system operators, supervisors and engineers
  • Food, chemical and pharmaceutical plant management
  • Company personnel charged with environmental, safety and regulatory duties
  • Employees at facilities covered by PSM in need of ammonia awareness training
  • Employees at state and federal regulatory agencies
  • Public safety officials that have ammonia refrigeration systems in their territory
  • Employees of insurance agencies and other industries that require knowledge of ammonia refrigeration systems

Occasionally, these courses will be made available to the general public. These will be publicized on our site and in the IRC newsletter, the Cold Front.

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