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: IRC Course Testing

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IRC Course Testing

The latest addition to the Industrial Refrigeration Consortium's education and certification programs is the ability to take online tests. This testing system allows students to log into the IRC website and complete exams at their leisure. Users can also get immediate results from the exams they take, and view results from previous exams.

Some tests will require a log-in. Users may create their own login name and password from the New User Signup section. Please see your course coordinator or instructor for more details.

To view tests that are available, you must first log into the IRC website. Each exam is assigned a key code which is given to each student in class. You must enter this key code below to begin your exam or view the results of previous exams.

If you have already taken an exam, your test results can be viewed for up to three months after the exam has been taken. Please contact your course coordinator or instructor if you have any questions.

Enter Course Keycode

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