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Newsletter Signup

Our newsletter, The Cold Front, is published quarterly and distributed electronically. It is designed to disseminate information on topics related to industrial refrigeration, IRC activities, and educational opportunities. The newsletter is an outreach activity of the IRC and is available at no cost to all interested parties. As such, signing up for the newsletter does not constitute IRC membership and will not give the ability to view Members Only areas of the IRC website. For more information on IRC membership please explore the benefits and eligibility and costs sections of our website.

Make sure to fill in all three fields with the correct data. The first field, labeled Name, should contain your full name (first and last). The second field, labeled Email Address, should contain the email address that you wish the newsletter to be sent to. The final field, labeled Company, should contain the name of the company you work for. If you are self employed or do not wish to enclose this information, please write down what city you are from.

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