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Other Examples

Research & Development

The IRC has the capacity to meet your research needs in any timeline at various funding levels. IRC staff can help manufacturers map out long term goals for their evolving product offerings. IRC staff can also provide a quick turnaround on smaller research projects that need an independent/third party perspective. For long-term projects, we collaborate with our faculty colleagues and mechanical engineering graduate students to conduct a wide range of research on energy-related projects.

Document/Guideline Development

Is your facility/corporation a recurring problem that you wish could be addressed with a single guideline? Is there a topic that you would like investigated and turned into a report for your staff but you lack the internal expertise?

The staff members of the IRC are skilled technical writers with years of experience at developing technical reports, guidelines, and manuals on various topics. If you have a problem, let us see what we can do to help you out.

Hotline Assistance

The IRC has a long tradition of providing prompt technical support for large groups engaged in refrigeration and refrigeration related activities. If you have a large workforce that may have occasional and diverse questions regarding refrigeration or HVAC, but not enough to warrant hiring a technical expert, this may be the service you need.

IRC members can access an exclusive hotline service through our toll-free telephone number, 866-635-4721, or by clicking here. Some examples of topics we have addressed with this service include:

  • code requirements for hydrostatic relief vents
  • efficiency benefits of mechanical subcooling
  • applications of variable-speed compressors
  • oil-draining procedures
  • liquid-suction heat exchanger performance
  • evaporator freezeup and control problems

Other clients we have helped include electric utility sales representatives, electric utility technical support, government agencies and corporate memberships for manufacturers with multiple plants. Additional organizations that could benefit from this service include gas utilities, insurance agencies or manufacturer's sales forces. Contact us if you wish to explore the use of this service.

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