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: E Learning

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E Learning

How can training and education be effectively delivered to those that require it?

This challenge has always existed; however, the landscape of our world has changed dramatically during the last quarter century, and many of these changes have had a direct effect on how we deliver effective technical training and education. We have put together information on this page to help you understand the broad subject of e-learning.

E-learning is a set of instructional methods & philosophies that make use of electronic communication technologies to develop knowledge or skills by instruction or study. The IRC TechNote e-Learning in the Industrial Refrigeration Industry introduces e-learning and compares this method with traditional learning approaches.

In its quest to provide companies with affordable and unified training for employees and operators, the IRC has refined its development of web-based training. Some of the advantages include:

  • Training is delivered live by qualified instructors.
  • A uniform training program can be delivered to all employees and operators across multiple plants.
  • Eliminates travel costs for both students and instructors.
  • Can be tailored to your company's training needs.
  • Session can be recorded and played back at a later date.
  • Students have multiple ways to interact with instructor both during and after class.
  • Homework and exams are to verify their level of comprehension.

See our IRC Web Based Courses page for more information on our web-based course offerings.

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