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: Accessibility & Privacy

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Accessibility & Privacy

Any users of this website should contact the IRC at (866) 635-4721 or through email at if they have any concerns as to the privacy or accessibility of this website. In addition, more information is available on our accessibility and privacy practices in the following sections.

Information Collection

The website has several forms that are used to collect personal information. The Industrial Refrigeration Consortium is the sole owner of any information collected through these forms. This information may include, but is not exclusive to, your name, address, email, telephone number, and reason for submitting the form. Information passed by these forms is encrypted using SSL technology. For more information on the use of SSL, see the following sections. If any users are uncomfortable using the forms on this website, they can also contact the IRC via telephone at (866) 635-4721 to provide the required information.


The website uses a temporary session cookie to log the pages you visit. This cookie, randomly generated, in no way reflects any personal information about you or the information contained in your computer. In addition, three cookies are created when you choose to customize the IRC website, and are stored on the end-user's computer to remember their settings. Again, these cookies do not contain information about you or the information contained in your computer.

Secure Socket Layers

Security is a prime concern for the IRC. As such, a strong effort is taken towards keeping confidential information safe against online attack. Since most information is sent across the Internet in plain text, information in motion between client and server machines is prone to being intercepted and read. For this reason, the IRC login areas encrypt the data entered when it is submitted. Once logged in, all web pages and software programs will continue to be encrypted. To accomplish this, the IRC website utilizes a generic SSL certificate provided by the University of Wisconsin Computer-Aided Engineering department . This Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology encrypts all data transmitted between client and server machines with strong (AES-256) security.

Section 508

The IRC makes every effort to comply with Section 508 Standards. These standards should be upheld for each web page and document that the IRC hosts. They are implemented so as to accommodate accessible access to online materials for those with disabilities. Details about these standards can be found at the Section 508 web site.


JavaScript is a technology integrated into most popular web browsers and is used to enhance the look and experience of the Internet. However, certain browsers and wireless devices do not support this technology. With this in mind, the IRC website uses JavaScript in a select number of places but also provides access to this information without JavaScript. The most prevalent example is the drop down menu on the right side of this page. Users with browsers or devices that do not support JavaScript are recommended to use either the text only or PDA views of the web page, described below.

Modify the Text Size/Font

To help accommodate the visually restricted, or for browsers using abstract screen resolutions or text clarity settings, the IRC allows their site to be viewed with several fonts and sizes. Those having trouble should try different combinations of the fonts and size of fonts available on the page entitled Customize our Site.

Text Only

The IRC has tested their web pages on text only browsers. The most popular of these is the Lynx? Browser. In addition, the IRC maintains an up-to-date text only version of its website which can be found at A link is also available below the top image on this page. It should be noted, however, that several pages contain forms for registration and purchasing which are not accessible via text only browsers. These pages will appear empty.

PDA View

To better suit those interested in refrigeration on the road, the IRC maintains an up-to-date PDA version of its website which can be found at A link is also available below the top image on this page. The PDA view allows wireless devices with a restricted screen size to easily view the IRC site. Please note, however, that many of these devices do not allow JavaScript. For more information about how this site utilizes JavaScript, see above.

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